New Library Building in Ennis

Any person living or working in County Clare can join Clare Libraries. Public library membership is completely free of charge for everyone in Ireland. Clare Libraries are part of Libraries Ireland and membership information will be shared among the library authorities. Members can borrow and request material from any other public library service in Ireland. Membership cards must be produced to avail of services such as borrowing or internet usage in branches.

You can join at any age but children and young people under the age of 18 must get the permission of a parent or guardian to join the library.

How do I join

  • To join the library, you need to complete an application form. You can do this online or in person at the library.
  • If you fill out the form online, you need to visit a library and produce photographic identification (who you are) and proof of current address (where you live) to finalise your membership and get your library card.
  • An acceptable form of recent (within last six months) proof of current address include a recent bill for gas, electricity, telephone or mobile phone or a bank statement.
  • When you join the library, you will get a library card and a Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • You will need your library card to borrow items and you will need your PIN to use PCs, online services and to reserve and renew items online.
  • Bring your card to the library every time you visit. Your library card is individual to you and may not be used by anyone else.
  • When a child or young person is eligible to change borrower category from a Child membership to a Young Adult (12-14), or from a Young Adult (12-14) to a Young Adult (15-17) membership, parents/guardians must accept the terms and conditions of membership on their behalf.

How long does my membership last

  • Your library membership lasts for one year.
  • You can renew your membership by contacting your local library.

What services can I access

  • Adult members can access all library collections and services and can use the internet*.
  • Children (under 12) can access the children’s library, DVDs up to a PG rating, and internet services when accompanied by parent/guardian.*
  • Young Adult (12-14) can access the children’s and young adult collections, DVDs up to a 12 rating, and can use internet services with parental permission.*
  • Young Adult (15-17) can access all library collections, DVDs up to 15 rating, and can use the internet with parental permission.*.

*Internet access is subject to the library’s internet access policy.

Further Information

  • You can borrow a maximum of 12 items, including CDs and DVDs, for three weeks.
  • You can return any item borrowed to any branch library.
  • You can renew an item online, in person, or by telephone. You cannot renew an item that is reserved by someone else, or where its renewal limit (4 renewals permitted) has been reached.
  • You can reserve any item online or in person and you cannot have more than 12 items on reserve at any one time. You can be notified by email, text or telephone when your reserved item becomes available.
  • Reminders and overdue notice can be sent to an email address if requested.


  • €0.20 Printing
  • €0.20 Photocopying
  • €1.00 Replacement card – adult & child

Terms & Conditions

Registered members of Clare County Library must abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • Members agree to take good care of all library materials borrowed and to reimburse Clare County Council for the cost of any loss or damage to these materials.
  • Parents and legal guardians are responsible for their children’s selection and use of library materials and services, including access to digital content, apps and the internet.
  • Parents and legal guardians are also responsible for their children’s behaviour on library premises.
  • Members are required to advise library staff, as soon as possible, of any changes in membership details or loss of library card.
  • Members may be issued with a PIN on joining, or can create one online to access online services. Members must ensure that the PIN is not shared with anyone else, written on a library card or anywhere that would compromise the security of the PIN. Existing members should change their PIN on a regular basis for security reasons.
  • Members must at all times observe Clare County Library/Council Code of Conduct while using the library facilities and obey the lawful direction of library staff.
  • Members must comply with the conditions of the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 and the Policy and Procedures for the Safeguarding of Children.