Children looking at library books on a shelf

Welcome to your library 

Every library in Clare has:

  • Fiction books: Stories for you to enjoy that are not based on facts
  • Non-fiction books: Information books
  • eBooks: Books online – Clare Libraries eBook and eAudio services are provided by Borrowbox
  • Reference books, atlases, encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • Online resources
  • Board games and jigsaws
  • Events for children

If you are not already a library member and you are under 18 years of age, you will need to bring your parent/guardian to the library with you to join.

If you are under 12 you can borrow books from the children’s library, DVDs up to a PG rating, and use the Internet when accompanied by parent/guardian.

Clare Libraries also hosts a number of Bookclubs for Children.

Note for parents

Children under 8 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times in the library. Your child’s safety and behaviour are your responsibility while they are visiting.

The reading needs of children vary depending on their age. Library staff recommend that parents are aware of their children’s reading choices and consider reading level and content suitability of the books they borrow.