Boy with headphones on laptop

Touch Type Read and Spell (TTRS) is a multisensory typing course that uses visual imagery, sounds and touch to teach spelling and typing.

It consists of a series of lessons that increase in difficulty as the user progresses. The lessons consist of audio instructions and pictoral demonstrations that learners can follow at their own pace. It is suitable for children aged 8 years or older, as well as adults.

How it works

  • You can apply for a TTRS account at your nearest library or through your school.
  • Teachers can apply for TTRS accounts for a class or group of students.
  • Once you have  log-in and password you can access TTRS online from home by using a computer or laptop, or by logging on to one of our public access PCs in the library.
  • Teachers can monitor their students’ progress.
  • Accounts are available for a limited time-period.

The benefits of TTRS

  • TTRS is especially good for Dyslexic readers and those recovering from stroke.
  • It increases users confidence. self-esteem and motivation to learn.
  • The multi-sensory approach is beneficial to a variety of learner types.

If you would like information on TTRS for adults with additional needs please contact:-
County Library Headquarters, Mill Road, Ennis, County Clare, V95 FX32
Tel 065 6899089