EnglishType Junior is a typing software, similar to TTRS but designed for younger users. It consists of lessons and games with fun animations and challenges.

EnglishType Junior can be accessed from a dedicated computer in the library; it is not available from home. EnglishType Junior can be made available to children on request who visit the library with their teacher, parent or guardian. 

Children can set up their own user profile and record their progress so that they can return to the same lesson and continue their work. 

How it helps

  • Children can keep track of their progress by logging into their free account at the start of each session.

  • The multi-sensory design of Englishtype triggers muscle memory. This improves spelling, coordination and concentration and makes learning easy.

  • Learning to touch type will be one of the most valuable skills your child will ever learn.

  • Touch typing provides an alternative to writing for children with additional needs.  It can have a positive effect on a child’s relationship with learning.

  • Learning to touch type with Englishtype is great for children with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia, ASD/Austism and Visual Impairment (partially sighted).