Man printing and holding a tablet

Printing a CV

When you print a document you are sent a Privacy Release Code. You must have this code to collect your printing as it ensures that only you can collect your documents. The code will remain active for 72 hours and is unique to the library you are printing, scanning or copying in. You can use the code to reprint your document up to 10 times, within one hour.

Printing from a Library Computer

  1. Select File and Print in document that you want to print.
  2. To print in Black & White: Just click OK to print in Black & White.
  3. To print in Colour:
    Select File and Print, then select Printer Properties.
    Select the downward pointing arrow next to the libraryname-bw
    Select libraryname-colour
    Select Print or OK
  4. A pop-up window will appear with a six-digit Privacy Release Code. Record this number to collect your document and click OK on the pop-up window.
  5. A further pop-up window will appear reminding you to record the Privacy Release Code.
    Click OK on this second pop-up window.
  6. Go the Surfbox console and select Collect Print Job. Enter the Privacy Release Code.
  7. You will be advised how much it is to print the document.
  8. You can pay with cash or by card using the contactless pad.
  9. Once you have paid the document will print.

Printing from a Mobile Device, Laptop or Tablet

There are three ways to print your document from other devices:

  1. Email the document as an attachment to the unique Surfbox email address for your local library (see below). Use the colour or bw (black & white) email address depending on whether you want to print in colour or black and white
  2. Upload your document on
  3. Install the free PrinterOn app for your smartphone.
    PrinterOn iOS / PrinterOn Google Play.

You will receive a Privacy Release Code for each document you print.
Enter the “Privacy Release Code” in the Surfbox console in the library branch by selecting the “Collect Print Job” option.
Please note: if you used the email option, you will receive two release codes – one for your email and one for your document. Please make sure you select the release code for your document

Email addresses for printing in Clare Libraries

Black & White Colour

Please Note: For documents from Google Drive, please ensure that you attach the document to the email. Emailing the document from your Google Drive will only send a copy of the link to the document and not the document itself. So the email you sent will print rather than the desired document.


  1. Select “Photocopy & Scan” button on Surfbox console.
  2. Select “Scan to Email” or “Scan to USB” as appropriate.
  3. Follow on screen instructions.
  4. You can scan up to 10 pages in black & white or colour per document.