This is the policy on booking the library for an event, general conduct in the library and promoting services on the noticeboard.

Use of library premises

Clare County Council supports community and cultural organisations in promoting community and cultural events through the use of its library buildings.

Space may be made available to community, non-profit, cultural, charitable and educational groups and organisations when the space is not required for library purposes. When library spaces are available priority will be given to events that best match Clare Libraries’ core purpose, for example:

  • Reading and literature
  • History and heritage
  • Community information
  • Learning
  • Local Authority information

For events which are not organised in conjunction with Clare County Council, it is necessary for the organisers to provide proof of public liability insurance, indemnifying Clare County Council.

Use of the facilities by individuals and commercial organisations or businesses is at the County Librarian’s discretion.

Space cannot be made available for an event or exhibition organised by a political party or movement, an organised religion or anything perceived as such by any fair-minded person, or for any polemical or party-political event.

Space cannot be made available for an event or exhibition that is obscene, racist, defamatory or illegal or is deemed to be offensive by any fair-minded person.

All events and exhibitions must be compatible with general library use, and must not impinge on the enjoyment of the library by other members of the public, or on the health and safety of the public and staff.

Any promotional material for the event or exhibition must be approved by Clare County Library in advance of being circulated.

If the proposed event is to take place outside of library opening hours, it has to be at a time agreeable to a library staff member, and the staff member is to be reimbursed by the library either via payment from the library or time-in-lieu. Under no circumstances can a payment be made by the organisers to library staff.

All applications to use library buildings must be made to the appropriate library manager. The decision of the County Librarian on granting or denying of permission to use library space is final.

Guidelines for conduct on library premises

Any conduct that disrupts or interferes with another person’s use of the library, with the normal operation of the library, or impinges on the work practices of library staff is prohibited.

Such conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Conversations and behaviours that distract others
  • Use of any personal electronic equipment, including mobile phones, at a volume that disturbs others
  • Recording, photographing or filming of others (including staff) without their permission
  • Eating in the library
  • Moving or abusing library furniture, equipment or materials.
  • More than one person occupying a chair
  • Impeding access to library’s facilities by blocking walkways or shelving
  • Leaving bags or other items lying on the ground as trip hazards
  • Leaving bags unattended for longer than ten minutes
  • Holding seats for others
  • Refusing to follow instructions issued by library staff
  • More than one person at a time on an Internet PC
  • Using someone else’s ID to access the Internet
  • Students may be required to sign in at study time.

Anyone who engages in unacceptable behaviour will be given one warning.  If they continue to behave in an unacceptable manner, they will be asked to leave the library and will not be allowed to use the library again for at least one month. After this suspension, they will be required to sign a letter agreeing to good behaviour. A copy of this letter will be sent home to parent/guardians in the case of minors.

On re-admittance to the library after the initial month of exclusion, library users are advised that their behaviour will be monitored by staff and if there are further incidents of misbehaviour an indefinite exclusion will occur. The County Librarian will also telephone parents in the case of minors to inform them that this second inclusion has occurred.

Library staff members may ask a library user to leave the premises without prior warning, depending upon the seriousness of the violation.

The Gardaí will be called if anyone refuses to leave the library when requested to do so. Any abusive or threatening behaviour toward library staff will result in the immediate withdrawal of all library privileges.

Notice Boards in libraries

Clare County Council supports community, cultural and educational organisations in promoting community, cultural and educational resources and events through the use of notice boards in its public library buildings. Use of these facilities by private organisations, individuals or businesses is not permitted, with the exception of those involved in education and culture.

The library cannot display political or religious posters, petitions or notices or those advocating a position on a public issue. Any material which encourages discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, family status, civil status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or membership of the travelling community will not be displayed.

Any notice to be considered for display must be submitted to library staff for approval. Notices posted without authorisation will be removed. Limited space generally allows only short-term notices.