New Library Building in Ennis


Clare Libraries is a resource for information, learning, culture, and imagination – improving the quality of life of its community.

Our Values

We have four core values which are central to our service:

  • Welcoming and inclusive
  • Supportive and collaborative
  • Motivated and agile
  • Community focused

About our Service

Clare Libraries has an extensive network of 15 branches (9 full-time and 6 part-time) throughout the county.  We also have a dedicated Local Studies Centre and administrative Headquarters, both based in Enns.

The strong physical presence of a network of branches with extensive opening hours, catering for all age groups, allows for the provision of a wide range of services that are a valuable resource in terms of culture, heritage, literacy and education.

The library service is administered by a management team consisting of

  • Helen Walsh, County Librarian, Tel 065 6899087
  • Cora Gunter, Senior Executive Librarian, Corporate Services, Tel 065 6899086
  • Dolores Meaney, Senior Executive Librarian, Bibliographic Services, Tel 065 6899082

Other services include:

  • Children’s & schools services: Niamh O’Donovan, Executive Librarian, Tel 065 6899083
  • Accessions: Edel Considine, Staff Officer (Library), Tel 065 6846350
  • Cataloguing: Fionnuala Murphy, Staff Officer (Library), Tel 065 6899095
  • Library System: Mona O’Connor, Staff Officer (Library), Tel 065 6899089

Other sections include

  • Arts Office: Siobhán Mulcahy, Tel 065 6899084
  • Museum: John Rattigan, Tel 065 6823382